Becoming Aleigha Rose (Part 3)

I think I will go ahead and give away one of the intended points of this series of stories, in the hope that it will encourage all of us to look outside of Aleigha's story and into our own. Our daughter’s full name is Aleigha Rose Evangeline Akins. Her name means, "Brave One Who Ascends Toward God and Blossoms with the Message of the Good News of Jesus.” Quite a big name for such a little person, right? 

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If you can't tell, name meanings are very important to us. We draw this from the ancient tradition of speaking blessing over a child and calling out her destiny each time her name is spoken.

It’s not mystical. It’s a reminder.

It’s a way for our child to remember who she should be. A cornerstone of her life, a guiding principle.

So every time we speak our daughter’s name, we are telling her we believe she is brave. She is to pursue God with all her heart. She is to grow and blossom in her relationship with the Lord, and then share His love with others.

For me, every time I speak my daughter’s name, it reminds me to ask where I’m placing my hope. Her name reminds me as a father, to speak life and blessing over her every day. To encourage her to be everything that God created her to be. To never let my own limited vision for her life hold her back from the adventures God has for her.

I want to celebrate every moment, be joyful in the journey of her Becoming Aleigha Rose. I don’t want to mourn the reality that she is growing fast. I want to be with her, experience the excitement of her life and God’s calling upon her. To be a blessing, a guide and her biggest fan.

She is becoming more herself every day.

And I love every moment. 


- Jay Akins

Jay is husband to Abby, father to Aleigha Rose, businessman by day, worship leader and next gen pastor by night. Jay and Abby have been married almost 15 years and are still madly in love and will always be best friends.