Becoming Aleigha Rose (Part 2)

Where I left off in the last blog, Abby and I didn't know our future daughter’s name…actually we didn’t even know we had a future daughter. We had finally come to a place in our lives where we were completely content with the beautiful life God had given us, with or without children. It took us nearly 10 years to get there, but thankfully we finally did.

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It was January 2016 and we had the opportunity to share the short version of our infertility journey with a group of young married couples at church. Unbeknownst to us, one of the folks in the group had a loose connection with a teenage couple who was very young and about 12 weeks pregnant. Knowing they were unable to care for a child, they had decided to place their baby in an adoptive home.

Just two days after we shared our story with our LifeGroup, Abby received a phone call that literally changed our lives. Through this five-minute phone call, we learned of this young couple’s situation and were invited to take the next step toward adopting this precious baby.

I clearly remember when Abby called me. I was walking into a meeting at work. I always go out of my way to answer her calls, even if I’m at work. I never apologize for the fact that she is more important to me than anything that could be happening at work. I do remember thinking, This is a weird time of day for her to call me…I hope everything’s ok. I answered the call and immediately I could tell something was up, but not in the, “Oh crap, something bad just happened” kinda way. More like the “Oh hi, I love you…by the way, you’ll never guess what just happened!” You know what I mean?

Anyway, as she explained how this young couple was having a baby and they wanted to give it up for adoption, I had a deep sense that this was going to be our child. This was the beginning of the end of 10 years of waiting. I had no idea what it would look like, but I had a peaceful confidence that we needed to find out more.

The next thing I knew, just two days later, we were having dinner with Aleigha’s birth parents! By the end of the meal, we were all in. God had once again given us a peaceful confidence that this was exactly where we needed to be and what we needed to be doing.

It just makes me think how we often we go through life grasping for so many things only to be unsatisfied when we get them. But for us, because having children was no longer something we needed to fulfill our lives, we were about to experience an unexpected, overwhelming joy by inviting this beautiful baby into our home.

And once again, we were reminded of an important life lesson: Surrender to what God brings into our lives gives us freedom to live joyfully and respond in every circumstance with complete peace.

It’s our earnest desire to always live in that surrendered place. To experience God’s peace surrounding and leading us. It’s a faith-walk that we definitely don’t do perfectly, but thankfully this time our hearts were ready, waiting and willing. 


- Jay Akins

Jay is husband to Abby, father to Aleigha Rose, businessman by day, worship leader and next gen pastor by night. Jay and Abby have been married almost 15 years and are still madly in love and will always be best friends.