Becoming Aleigha Rose (Part 1)

Beginnings are tricky. Sometimes you work hard with a goal in mind and you launch. Other times you think you're just walking out a season of life and something new starts that you never saw coming. Aleigha Rose was that "something new" we never saw coming. 

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After being married for 14 wonderful years - and trying to have children for 10 of those years - we had finally come to a place of peace with not having kids. Not the "we just gave up" kind of peace, but a true reliance on God that He is our sufficiency and joy. We were truly peaceful, looking to the future of whatever God had in store for us. Then one night we shared our story. It was short, the one-and-a-half minute version short. That's when our new season began, that's when our soon-to-be adoptive daughter started becoming Aleigha Rose.

We never saw this season coming, but we are finding there is so much joy in God's unexpected surprises. I don't mean to imply that all of his surprises are easy or that they fit perfectly into our plans. But wow, is God's love for us expressed in profound ways along the journey!

So many of you have desired to hear the story of our adoption. Our hope is that this series shares our journey and God's story in a way that inspires all of us to listen to and trust His leading in our lives more and more along the way. And maybe - just maybe - if God is calling you to open your home to adoption, this will help you along on your family's journey too.


- Jay Akins

Jay is husband to Abby, father to Aleigha Rose, businessman by day, worship leader and next gen pastor by night. Jay and Abby have been married almost 15 years and are still madly in love and will always be best friends.